Top 5 things I need for a quick trip out with kids. 

I have never really been a fan of a big diaper bag. I like purses and who wants to carry around two bags and a baby!? I have 3 babies and my youngest is now 9 months, so I feel like I have finally got the hang of packing the perfect amount of stuff! I keep two bags packed with the essentials so they’re easy to throw into ONE bag and go! Here are my favorites, things I absolutely can’t leave the house without. 
 Here are the Top 5.. The wallet goes without saying. 🙂

1. Diaper and wipes. You’re just asking for a horror show if you forget these! You never know who is going to have a poop-splosion or get a sticky face from a donut on the way out. My favorite brand has always been pampers. I usually throw an outfit change in the bag too (sometimes just a onesie if I’m feeling brave or it’s a quick trip). How cute is this bag too? This one is strictly for outfit changes. You can never be too organized!

2. Hand sanitizer!!!! Seriously. With kids, someone is going to touch something gross. 

3. Rosebud salve. This stuff is amazing. It’s the perfect lip gloss- glossy with the tiniest pink tint, and the tin it comes in is cute too. 

4. Lotion. Especially with the cold coming on so strong this time of year, you never know when you’ll need a little extra moisture. My favorite is burts bees baby bee nourishing lotion. It comes in a cute travel size and it smells amazing!

5. Planner/notebook. Keep all of your dates and ideas handy. My phone was broken a few weeks ago and I was so lost without it, since then, I carry a notebook to keep track of things for back up! 
These are my everyday quick trip necessities. I pack a larger bag for longer trips, but I will touch on that another day! What are some things you can’t leave the house without?
XO Allysha

One thought on “Top 5 things I need for a quick trip out with kids. 

  1. When packing Joi’s (my 17 month daughter) bag aka my bag. Its a must that I have, diapers and a 2nd outfit. Either Joi enjoy seeing me sweat or she must be super relax outdoors, because it seems to me that when we are out thats usually when she loves to do the damage in her diaper. Lol. I also never leave without my coupons nor her TABLET. These are a must if I want to make it through the “quick errand run.”

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