Baby Gift Guide

Babies are easy to shop for, just buy a cute outfit and call it good, right? What if you want something cute and different but still practical? Here it is! These are my 6 favorite gifts for baby all under $30! 

  1. Teether. $19.99 If you have kids then you know all too well that babies love to throw things on the floor. If you know of a baby who loves that game, then this teether solves the problem! This teether is not like the rest, it is a mitten so the baby can’t drop it as easily. Such a good idea right?!

2. Amber necklace. $18 If you’ve used One before you know how magical they are in relieving teething pain! 

3. Baby bib. $5 These are much cuter than your average bib, and you can get a matching bow to go with it! I wish I had a tiny baby girl just so I could buy them all!! 

4. Moccasins. $30 These are the cutest Shoes around for babies, and they come in so many colors and patterns! 

5. Handmade baby doll. $25 for the 11 inch doll. These Dolls come in many different designs, my favorite is the ballerina!


6. Swaddle blanket. $26 If you’ve ever used a muslin Blanket you know how awesome and versatile they are. These swaddle blankets come in so many cute and different styles!
                         Happy shopping!

                                      XO Allysha 

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