Men Gift Guide

Is it just me or are men so hard to shop for? They never know what they want (for the most part) or they say they want nothing at all. But during the holidays especially, we all love to give something special to the ones we love! So here are 6 unique gift ideas for the man in your life.  All products are under $50 too! 

  1. Beanie hat, $20. Keep your man warm with a hat, they come in seriously a million styles and colors but my current favorite is the Tip Whip beanie! The Tip Whip is an up and coming business started by a friend of ours from college. Be a part of this movement, and support this local business! Oh, and these aren’t just for men, women can rock a good beanie too. 😄 

  2. Benny Backpack, $48. How perfect is this backpack? Great for the gym, hiking, or anything else the man in your life will need one for! Practical and fashionable! Great for kids and women too, I mean really, so many different color combinations, something to please everyone! 

3. LLBean Socks, $20 for the two-pack. Much to our surprise here in Maine, Maine fashion is actually in style this season! Grab some of these super warm wool socks to accompany those Bean boots we all love. I promise they will quickly become everyone’s favorite sock! I have a few pairs myself!

4. Whisker Dam, $25. Know a man with a mustache? This is the gift for them! Now he can drink his favorite drink without messing up that mustache he is so proud of. 

 5. Dollar shave club Membership , $1-9 a month. Save money and never worry about running out of razors. Create a completely customizable plan and done! Seriously, my husband is a member and it’s so easy. I never have to remember to pick them up at target 😉 and occasionally they come with free samples of other products!

 6. Flask $12-19. This flask is festive and fun. It comes in many patterns, so you can even coordinate with your Christmas party outfit! A gift that will surly be used over and over. 
               Happy shopping!
                          XO Allysha 

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