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Easy DIY Decor!

We bought our first house 3 months ago, and I have been having so much fun decorating each room. I didn’t want to decorate just for the sake of having things on the walls, I want to take the time to have a plan and actually love the things in our space. 

I had the best idea a few days ago to take some empty picture frames that I had in my storage closet and fill them up with Christmas wintery quotes. I bought frames  a few years ago, but Walmart has them for 6 for less than $10! 

 With some cheap frames, plain paper, a sharpie and some Pinterest inspiration- all things I had at home, I was able to completely upgrade the look of my dining room for under $5. The best part is, the paper is obviously removable, so after Christmas I can replace the quotes or put in pictures if I wanted to!  Before, empty boring space. 

  Finished product cuteness! I added the strand of Christmas Ornaments and the golden sequins for a little extras sparkle. Both from Target totaling $4! I’m totally obsessed with how it came out. 

I hope this inspires you to create a cute space in your home! 

                 XO Allysha 

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