Holy Donut

This Monday has me dreaming about donuts. I love all donuts, who am I kidding- ALL sweets. But if you’re looking for a delicious donut that’s unique and actually satisfying, you have to try the Holy Donut in Portland, Maine.  

 These donuts are unique in that they are made with potatoes. A little weird you might think but all of your doubts will be gone once you try a bite of ANY donut. My favorites are the maple bacon donut-  

    And the cheddar bacon. Do I even need to explain why? 
   This is the holy cannoli- also delicious. I really have not tried one that I didn’t like. 
There are two locations, both in Portland, Maine. I would definitely run (not walk) over and pick some up for yourself! They are open until 4pm or until they run out of donuts. 

You know where to find me next time I’m in southern Maine! 
Happy eating!

              XO   Allysha 

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