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11 days until Christmas!

There are only 11 days until Christmas! Who else has a huge to do list? I wrapped up a whole bunch of presents this morning, and finally managed to take a picture worthy of sharing with you all .  

  Here it is! Can you tell a 2 and 5 year old hung most of the ornaments? 😉 

 I went with a silver and gold theme this year and threw in the purple for my princess. To make things easier for the kids, each child has their own wrapping paper. They have fun counting their gifts under the tree, and it’s easy because they don’t have to look for a name tag! (BTW– each of these wrapping paper rolls were $2.99 at Tjmaxx!)

 I actually skipped name tags all together this year and just wrote the names right on each gift with sharpie. I’m really into DIY calligraphy right now and like this, you don’t have worry about trying to figure out what’s what if one of the little kids or dogs rips off the tag! 

 I have quite a bit more wrapping and shopping to do for that matter 😜 that’s the trouble with a busy life and big families this time of year! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. How is your Christmas prep coming along?!
                    XO Allysha

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