Quick Overnight Trip Tips

Traveling is part of the fun of the holidays, right? Maybe not if you have to travel with kids! I want to share with you a few of my tips for making things flow a little bit better. 

I’m talking about quick trips today- like a night or two. Week long stays are a whole other story. 😅 
 Lists. Lists are absolutely everything when preparing to do anything with kids. I write down everything I need for each child and myself and check it 3 times before we leave and still usually forget something. 😜 

It’s nice when the kids are older so you don’t need to pack 500 outfit changes and diapers. A little bit older, a little less stuff.  

 I somehow crammed all 3 of the kids things into one suitcase. Not recomended haha. The best idea ever is to put each outfit in a zip lock bag. Label each bag then pack them in! That way all you have to do is grab a bag, not worry about putting an outfit together when you need it.  

I always try to travel at night or nap time. Everyone is happier when kids sleep in the car! And it’s nice to be able to listen to YOUR music, am I right? If it’s night time, put them in their Jammie’s then pack them in the car, and pray they stay sleeping when you get to your destination and move them to bed.   

 Or you’ll end up with a midnight party at honey and papa’s house. 😅

How do you prepare when traveling with kids?
Happy traveling!

                    XO, Allysha

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