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Family photos from December 2015

Hi all! I have taken a small break from the blogging world; with the new year and all. But I am back and ready to share pieces of our life with you, our House of Turcotte! 

At the very end of December we had some family photos taken. My sister lives in Tennessee, and her and her family were up for Christmas. What better time, right? Family pictures were long over due and all of the original six were here, no one had to work, and there were two new babies since we last had them taken! We didn’t want the traditional jeans and white shirt coordinating that every single family has 😜  so we went with a Maine glam kind of vibe. Sparkle, red, white, jewels and of course flannel and LLBean boots! 

My very talented friend Kelsey took the pictures and we LOVE how they came out! Here are some of my favorites! 

  All the Bean boots! 😍   Wilson and Grant slept through most of it!
  Our first picture of all 13 of us!!  
  The men   Honey and her daughters and granddaughter 
  Sisters   ❤️
  Me and my siblings      The 4 grands! As you can see it’s actually impossible to get a picture when 4 babies are looking hahah ❤️❤️
  I hope you all love them as much as we do, and that you are having a wonderful start to 2016! 


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