My princess’ room

One of the many perks of having a girl is being able to decorate her bedroom in any girly way you please! Lucky for me, my Aiva loves all the glitter, frills and pink. 

Her bedroom is one of my favorite rooms of the house. I love how bright and simple it is, but still girly and fun. If I had to put the room in a category, it would be chic mixed with a little modern.  

  This is my favorite wall. The dresser I found at goodwill for $25, in perfect condition. I’m not really sure what the green thing is, but it is perfect for holding blankets! I made the I love you sign and the tassels. My mom made the tiny quilt made from scraps of a quilt that I made for Aivas bed!     Heart garland that my mom, sisters and I made for my sisters wedding is hung over the Windows and a few walls. I love the tiny bits of color it brings. 
  This is a quilt that I made for Aiva maybe a year ago. She calls it her pretty quilt. ❤️ I am obsessed with the fabrics still, it makes me so happy to look at it. Her nightstand I found on sale for around $30 at target before we bought this house. I actually have another one waiting for the perfect place to live… I’m just not quite sure where that place is yet haha. I love how it is a mirror on top, adds a little bit of light to the room. The marquee star and A were both around $3 at target. (Can you tell I love that place?? 😜) The bird painting was made by my friend Kelsey!   This big pillow completes Aivas bed. I made this quilt when Aiva was a baby and our dog got a hold of it and it had SO many holes. My mom repurposed it into this beautiful pillow. Aiva says that she “sleeps delightful” with it. 😊
  Every girl needs a full length mirror! And a little fur and a castle. 😜 This is the little dress up/ play corner. My kids don’t have toys in their rooms. For my sanity only. They have a playroom and it is much easier to clean one room than it is 4! The princess puzzle under the chair, my brother bought her during his trip to Italy.   Only a true princess keeps her dress up in her closet. This girl loves seeing her dresses neatly hung up to admire!

Until next time!



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