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Wilsons winter outfit of the day 

Have you ever had a day where your outfit was so simple but you got so many compliments on it? You have to wonder why you have never thought of that perfect combination before. Well today, Wilson had one of those days.  

  So cute in his navy blues!    We started with a plain dark blue long sleeved onesie from H&M (not shown- but you can buy one for less than $6…. Plus they’re buy 2 get 1 free!) then I added all of this goodness. 
  This little sweater was a gift to Dalton when he was a baby but it was way too cute not to pass down 😉 from gap!   These are my absolute favorite baby jeans. Every baby- boy and girl needs a pair of dark skinny jeans. They go with EVERYTHING. These exact pair are a few seasons old so not for sale now, but you can find a similar pair at Gap for around $20… Or you could wait for a coupon like I do! Gap is the best place for deals. 
  Is anything cuter than baby Uggs?! These were Aivas, but both of her brothers wore them and they are still in perfect condition!   Babies on backwards hats!!!! Ah. All of the heart eyes. 
  He’s not a big fan of the hats hah. 

 His wild mane 😜 his hair is like mine, can’t decide if it wants to be curly or straight. So cute though!!
Happy shopping!




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