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Old navy finds

I absolutely LOVE a good deal! One of the best places to go, and almost guarantee you’ll find so many items for not a lot of dollars is Old Navy. I went this past weekend and ended up getting 5 pairs of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, 3 pairs of shoes and a pair of Jammie’s for $32!!! Can you beat that? Definitely not.  

  These little booties (kids) were on sale for less than $3 plus an additional 30% of all kids and women’s! I love them so much I asked the workers to check if they had bigger sizes for next year. Because you can’t beat those prices!   Again with the shoes, these were around 3 dollars. Same with the shirt! You can never have too many neutral shirts. And animal print brings a little awesomeness to any outfit! 
  Just take a second a look at that price tag. 47 cents. I don’t even care that they are Halloween and size 5. They don’t work right now, but they will probably fit Dalton next Halloween!    These jeans!!! 😍 I’m missing a pair, but seriously how cute. All were priced under $4 plus 30% off!
 These shoes were the most expensive thing I bought. A whole $5. Before we got the to store I told Aiva and Dalton they could choose one thing to buy. They both picked shoes lol.. Little fashion babes!

You may not be able to find these exact deals, but you can find something for sure! Right now at Old navy the whole store is up to 50% off and if you shop online- enjoy 40% off your entire purchase!! (Use code deal4you)
Happy shopping!


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