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Lookie lookies!

Taking pictures of kids is not easy! Getting them to hold still and look at the camera- even harder. This is where the lookie lookies come into play. 

This genius invention helps catch the eye of your little one so you can snap the perfect picture. For the past few weeks, I have been trying out my lookie lookie and I have fallen in love!  
  This cute little thing suctions right onto your phone, camera or tablet. 
  It has a gentle blinking light that lights in different colors to further catch the eye of your child.  This honestly works on kids of all ages. My 1,3 and 5 year olds were all interested much longer than looking at a boring phone or camera. 

 And how cute is this packaging?!   The matching lookie lookies plush was also a huge hit! My kids are obsessed with it, and they love that it looks like the little guy on my camera. 
  Here are a few outtakes 😊  
 They’re all mesmerized. 

I know I am always looking for an unusual gift that people will actually like and use. I have definitely added this to the list! You can buy one here! They are very reasonably priced, and the plush and photo companion bundle are actually on sale right now!! 

Go get your own, and get to taking those pictures!! 




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