The best of Dalton 

My first baby boy turns 3 tomorrow!! As I’m looking through his baby pictures, I seriously can’t believe where the time has gone. 3 years ago today I was very pregnant (41 weeks 🙄) preparing to be induced in the morning. I had no idea what was in store, being a mom of two. After so many painful hours of labor, my 8 pound 8 ounce baby was born at 11:47 PM, and just like that we were a family of 4. 

  (Two weeks before his arrival) have you ever seen a bigger belly with just one baby? Probably not 😜
Dalton is now an active, lovable, energetic boy! He loves super heroes, basketball, swimming and candy haha. He is completely fearless and very athletic. He loves his family and does not like to be out of sight of his mama. I am so blessed that I am his mom and that I get to watch him grow and learn and explore every day. I am excited to see the man that he becomes! Which as he says, will be just like his daddy! (And that is fine by me😉). 
Here are some of my favorite pictures of him!  

    Obsessed. 😍



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