Maine Maple Syrup Weekend

This past weekend was maple syrup weekend here in Maine! I have memories of going as a child, so I like to bring my kids now and they absolutely love it. Our favorite place is Merrifield Farm in Gorham!  

   Aiva and Dalton LOVE the maple cotton candy! 

  Me and the kids with my sister and newphew! 

  Wilson slept through most of it! Again, babywearing for the win!!

    They have so many samples, like vanilla ice cream with maple syrup. Life changing.     

 This stuff is heaven in a jar!! SO good on toast!  

My brother proposed to his now fiancé to finish off the weekend!! 

   Have I ever mentioned that my kids (mostly Aiva) are serious animal lovers?! 

Can’t wait til next year! 



2 thoughts on “Maine Maple Syrup Weekend

  1. So fun! I couldn’t make it this year but my partner took our son & some other family to the same farm! (Small, small world over here in Maine) I asked if he saw anyone get engaged lol nope he missed it. Congrats to your family!

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