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Rocks box!

  My latest obsession is Rocks box!! If you haven’t heard of it, definitely google it right now (after you finish reading of course 😜) and don’t forget to use coupon code houseofturcottexoxo and your first month will be FREE!  

  For a small monthly subscription price, you get unlimited access to 3 pieces of jewelry. These pieces are selected for you by one of their stylists based on a style survey that you fill out, so chances are- you’ll love them! The best part is, you can send the pieces back as often as you’d like (with free shipping both ways) and swap them out for new ones!    And they come in this cute box. 
  This necklace was my favorite piece this time around! I can’t wait to see what comes next!! 😁   Every lady loves a little jewelry– and Mother’s Day is right around the corner if your forgot! A subscription would be the perfect gift! Don’t forget to use code houseofturcottexoxo for your first month FREE! 

                         XO, Allysha

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