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How I jumpstarted my fitness journey! 

About two weeks ago, I completed a lean in 13 day challenge using Advocare products. My goal in doing this challenge was to maintain my current body weight, but just tighten and tone up– which I did beyond what I had hoped for! I ended up losing 5 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. (I honestly never measured the rest of my body after the first day, because I could see the progress and my belly was the only place I really wanted to lose anyway.)  I actually stopped on day 10 because I lost those 5 lbs when I didn’t want to. I changed my diet drastically and gained almost all of it back but did not gain any inches back!! I seriously could not be happier.  

  All the products! I felt AMAZING while doing this challenge. So much energy and I honestly was not hungry. (The gallon of water I drank a day probably helped too 😜)day 1 vs day 5!! For the first time in my life I have abs… After 3 kids in less than 5 years!   

    I did very minimal exercise while doing the challenge mostly because I didn’t have time lol but I did manage to sneak in a few pool workouts! Those are no joke.   Day 1 vs day 9!! Is this real life?! YES. 

  this is day 1 vs day 10.. The day I stopped because I had lost 5 pounds. Abs are not really popping which seems weird but I was really sick the night before and hardly drank any water or ate anything for half of the day. And they’re back now so all is good!  😜 

These are obviously my personal results and all results will very. But if you are looking to loose a few pounds or inches (just in time for summer!!) I am your girl! I will work with you to find a plan that will fit your goals/budget/ intensity level. 
I have quite a few friends who are doing challenges right now and every single one is having great results! It is so exciting for me to help people and see them reach their goals!! 

I am here for you! And YOU owe it to yourself to look and feel awesome. 🤓💪🏽


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