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Last minute Mother’s Day ideas 

We’re all busy, and sometimes holidays sneak right up on you… Like Mother’s Day! It’s in 3 days if you forgot!
Here are a few of my last minute gift ideas for the mom in your life!

Breakfast.. Bonus points if she doesn’t have to help you make it or clean up the kitchen after! 😜 Here are a few ideas-  

 Chocolate chip donuts. Um hello- everyone loves donuts, can’t go wrong. 

  Homemade Poptarts. These will definitely please both the moms and kids! 
After breakfast, send your lady out to get a manicure or pedicure.. Or both!! We all love to get pampered and that hour alone is on every moms wish list. 🙃 A gift card will also do.  

Flowers. Flowers just make you feel happy. Skip the traditional bouquet and go for a plant that she can plant in her garden outside. Obviously it will last longer (if you remember to water it… Guilty of this…) and she will have it for years to come. 

This one I’m throwing in there because I LOVE it, and I think any mom would. These necklaces from Betsy farmer designs . And they’re only $24!! Of course, it is too late to order now and receive by Mother’s Day, but I think she will forgive you since they’re so cute. 😉

Happy Mother’s Day all!!


5 thoughts on “Last minute Mother’s Day ideas 

  1. Amazing ideas! Thank you so much! I’m still thinking about what to make/cook for mom’s day and you were able to help me with this post. Thanks again! 🙂

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