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Re-Play Review

I have been trying out Re-Play products and I am loving them! My kids are too- they fight over who gets to use them 🙄 so I will definitely be buying some more sets!! These products are made from old milk jugs which is great for the environment. I love how durable they feel. The sippy cup is probably my favorite product because it does not leak! As a mom of 3 I have tried my fair share of sippy cups- these ones don’t disappoint! I also love how these products come in solid colors- with so many options to choose from. 

Like I said before, the set is very durable! It doesn’t feel like it’s going to crack if you drop it, or if your kids throw it around. 😜 Wilson is so proud when he uses eating utensils haha.   

Re-Play has offered to give away a feeding set to one of my followers! Check out my Instagram post for details! @houseofturcotte ❤️

 Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!! You can also buy your own here or here.



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