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Coco and Main 

I have been searching for the perfect white pants for almost a year now, and I have finally found them! I came across the shop Coco and Main and I love the selection of clothes they have! 
These white drawstring skinnies go with literally everything. They’re super comfy and I love how it has the slightly distressed look on the knees. (You all know I love my rips. 😜) 

They’re also really affordable which is totally a plus! Get yours here and use coupon code house20 for 20% off your order until July 6th! 

Like I said, white goes with EVERYTHING but I’m really into neutrals right now so I paired it like this! I really love how these pants are fitted just enough so I feel really awesome and I can still breathe. 😅 I can wear them with heels for a put together look or throw on some sneakers and bring the kids to the park… If I were that brave of course, to wear white in the dirt with snacks and things and my 3 little monsters… 😆 but you get the idea! I love the versatility! 

So don’t forget! Check out Coco and Main and use code “house20” for 20% off all orders now through July 6th!! 

Happy shopping!



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