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Loopy Cases

Have you all heard of Loopy Cases? I came across this company with their genius idea.. phone cases. 

The cases look like a normal case from the front, but on the back is a loop (hence the name 😁). You loop your finger through the loop and it makes life so. much. easier. I am a busy mom of 3, so I’m always holding something.. Sippy cups, snacks, hands, you get the point! I don’t always have a bag or pocket that I can put my phone in, so I’ve either left it behind or dropped it more times than I want to admit lol. 

I have been using my loopy case for about 3 weeks now and I will never go back! It makes my life so much easier. I also recommend the glass screen protector that they offer on their website. Since my phone now has a cool handle, my one year old loves to throw it πŸ˜‘. BUT the case and protector are holding up great!! 

Check them out and grab one for yourself! Find them on Facebook for a chance to get exclusive free loops with your purchase! 

Oh did I mention they make selfies incredibly easy? Also a plus. 😜


Happy shopping! 


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