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Summer Days

Summer is coming to an end, so I’m trying to squeeze in some more fun before were out of time! Today the kids and I went for a walk, the kids on their scooters and Wilson in the stroller! First we went to Dunkin Donuts because ice coffee is a necessity when your baby wakes up 6x in the night 😴. Then we walked to the playground!

 It took us 40 minutes to walk (and scoot) .36 miles but we made it lol. Wilson slept the whole time but the big kids and I had so much fun playing! 

Follow along on snapchat and Instagram @houseofturcotte for more pics and videos! 

We came home and dad was home early!! We’re always super happy about that. We did some chores, ate dinner then headed to Sweet Frog for dessert! 

AND the best part, ALL 3 kids fell asleep on the way home! Pretty perfect day.

 By the way have you guys heard of loopy cases? You need one! Go back a few posts and check them out. Also, head over to my Instagram @houseofturcotte for a giveaway.😘  


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