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Aiva’s 6th Birthday Party! 

Today was Aiva’s birthday party! We had so much fun celebrating with friends and family. Thank you to everyone who came! 

Aiva and I had so much fun searching Pinterest and making all of the decorations for her special day. We made this cake! First try at ombré frosting.. not bad!I love this. It came out perfectly. Aiva kept saying how fancy it was. 😁so silly 🙃thinking back, we only spent about $17 on decorations!! It obviously wasn’t anything crazy but it was perfect for us… exactly what we had envisioned. 😁 we made this piñata! I now see why they cost what they do haha. Can’t say I ever want to make one again… but it was worth it to have it look a certain way. We filled the goodie bags with stickers, bandaids and kisses for boo-boos! How cute did these turn out?! 



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