Hello world!
The past few months have been crazy busy, so the blogging has definitely taken the back burner… but I’m back!!
A few updates! 

I am officially in the third trimester. Can’t believe our babe comes earth side in 2 months!! I have been feeling pretty good (now that the flu and stomach bugs have moved on from our house!) a little tired but not much to complain about!

We sold our first house and bought a new house! We moved for Jared’s job and to be closer to family… we actually live next door to some now! It has been amazing so far and I am having a lot of fun decorating and planning some minor renovations 😁. 

Both of my boys had birthdays!! Dalton is now 4 and Wilson is 2. Dalton loves super heroes, legos and has a new found love for coloring and learning his numbers and letters. Crazy he will be going to school next fall!! He is such a good brother, a protector of both Wilson and Aiva. Wilson is my wild child. He is extremely athletic and so brave. He tries his hardest to keep up with the big kids and keeps us on our toes! He has become so interested is his “baby brother” and always wants to kiss my belly and try on his clothes 😂😂. His favorite game is hide and seek and it’s soo cute to hear him count and see what kinds of hiding spots he comes up with. 

Aiva switched schools when we moved of course which she was really worried about.. but has been doing amazing! She is reading like a pro and loves to write stories! She’s really looking forward to painting her new room.. so she has been pinteresting for ideas and making lists like crazy! 
Stay tuned because the next few months are crazy busy and sure to be exciting!😁 


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