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Blue Babes

Today was such a beautiful day here in Maine, finally!! It may have made it to 80 degrees.. so of course we had to spend all day outside!  

My kids (Aiva and Dalton anyway.. not so much Wilson) are terrified of bugs. To make things much worse, one of Aivas friends at school got stung by a bee at recess. 🙄
 I had to bribe them to get them to stay outside and distracted… so we decided to attempt to make slime but we’re missing a few key ingredients so basically just made food coloring paint! It was a hit. Aiva and Dalton kept saying how this was the greatest project they have ever made!  It started out like this then took a turn for the worse when the kids decided to paint their bodies lol. Check out my insta stories on Instagram here for a few videos!! I don’t let the kids get super messy often so I just let them go. It was so funny to watch them. And thank God all of the paint came off in the bath! 😬  It’s going to be a fun summer!! 



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