Calvin 2 Month Update

Calvin Thomas is now 2 months old!! I can’t even remember what life was like before him already. His 2 month check up is next week, so I’m not sure of his exact stats but I know he’s a big boy! He’s in 6 month clothes, and although he doesn’t have tons of rolls, he is solid for sure! 

If you know Calvin, you know that he has the cutest little snort when he’s upset. He has also been congested for the majority of his life which is so sad. When he was about 2 weeks old, his doctor suggested that the constant congestion might be a sign of a dairy sensitivity. I have cut out dairy since, and he has been a much happier baby! This has been easier said than done 😉. Dairy is in so many unexpected things, so I accidentally eat it every once and a while. Because I know I gave dairy up for Calvin’s health, it really hasn’t been hard. The only thing I really miss is pizza! And I’ve dropped a ton of weight quickly which I’m assuming is also related. (Only 5 more pounds to go till pre baby! 💃🏽)  

Calvin is such a morning person! He is the happiest when he first wakes up, for a few hours, then he sleeps for most of the day. He cluster feeds at night then only wakes up once in the night to eat. 🙌🏾 He’s such an easy baby, but I guess you have to be when you’re number 4!

He loves when the kids sing to him. They give him a million kisses a day and give him raspberries which he isn’t a fan of lol. He loves to be held, but hates laying down like a baby.. he likes to watch what’s going on. He also loves bath time, diaper changes and being outside. 

We are loving every bit of him!😍

XO, Allysha 

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